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Bill & Ted Face the Music

A lex Winter & Keanu Reeves are back as the time-traveling dudes, and Ashley, Matt & Aaron are back to review their new movie!

Criterion: True Stories

A shley, Matt and Aaron take a moment to discuss this quirky 1986 movie co-written and directed by David Byrne of the Talking Heads. It's about the lives and events of various people who live and work in a small town in Texas.

Working Man

P eter Gerety stars as a man who loses his job when the factory he's worked at for decades closes. Talia Shire is his concerned wife, and Billy Brown is his former co-worker with a plan. Matt & Ashley review this new movie that explores the human condition in an uncertain economy.

Project Power, Sometimes Always Never

T his week's podcasts have Ashley & Matt reviewing a quiet British film starring Bill Nighy as a man obsessed with Scrabble, who is trying to reconnect with his family. Then we delve into an action movie starring Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who are attempting to track down the distributors of pills that give people temporary super powers. Listen and find out what we thought of these two new films!

Favorite Hitchcock Films

I n honor of the legendary director's birthday anniversary, Ashley & Matt discuss their Top 5 favorite Alfred Hitchcock movies.


C yndi Lauper and Jeff Goldblum are psychics trying to live their lives, and get roped into an adventure in the mountains of Ecuador. Ashley & Matt review 1988's Vibes in this week's podcast.