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Interview with Julie Cohen (co-director of Julia)

Julia is a wonderful and delicious new documentary by filmmakers Julie Cohen & Betsy West. In our new episode, Matt & Ashley sit down with Julie Cohen to talk about the film, discussing how it came to be, and the insights it brings to Julia Child, as well as the art of cooking.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife (SPOILERS)

Ashley, Matt and Garret review Ghostbusters: Afterlife in our latest episode! We share our spoiler-free thoughts during the first-half, then go into spoilers after giving our scores. Happy listening!


Ashley & Matt review the new, semi-autobiographical Kenneth Branagh film, Belfast , in our latest episode. Is it worth the early Oscar buzz? We share our thoughts.

The French Dispatch, Last Night in Soho, I'm Your Man

We're playing catch-up this week, as we review three new movies that we watched last month. Matt & Ashley discuss the new German film, I'm Your Man , and delve into all its implications. Then, Ryan joins us to talk about the new Wes Anderson joint, The French Dispatch , as well as the hard-to-categorize Last Night in Soho . Our latest episodes are waiting for you!


There's a new entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, directed by the reigning Best Director Oscar winner, Chloe Zhao! Ashley & Matt review Eternals in this week's episode.

Bergman Island

A couple stays at the island once inhabited by filmmaker Ingmar Bergman. There they work on getting their creative juices flowing, and things take interesting turns along the way. Ryan joins us to talk about this absorbing new movie.