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  We're joined by Gus to talk about the new Jordan Peele movie,  Nope . And, because we're a bit late on getting around to it, and because there's so many layers to the film, it's a spoiler-filled episode. Heads up!


Idris Elba plays a doctor who takes his daughters to South Africa, where they're stalked by a lion with a chip on its shoulder. Ashley & Matt review Beast in our latest episode.

RETRO: Will Penny

We look back at Will Penny , in our latest RETRO episode! Our friend Grant (who introduced us to the film) joins us to talk about this star-studded, 1967 underrated western.

Bodies Bodies Bodies, Bullet Train

Ashley & Matt are back from vacation, and we review two new movies in our latest episodes! First up is the Gen Z murder mystery thriller, Bodies Bodies Bodies . Then, Brad Pitt is caught on fast moving transport with lots of dangerous people in Bullet Train . You can listen to our new episodes below...