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2022 Catch-up

Ashley, Matt and Ryan look back at some of the movies from the first-half of 2022 that we haven't talked about yet.

Where the Crawdads Sing

A young woman named Kya, living alone in the North Carolina marshland, is on trial for the murder of a young man from a nearby town. We learn about Kya's life leading up to the trial using flashbacks, in a new adaptation of the best-selling novel,  Where the Crawdads Sing. Matt and Ashley review the movie in our latest episode.

Thor: Love and Thunder

The Norse God of Thunder returns for his fourth solo movie, and Ashley, Matt and Garret review it in our latest episode!

Bad Movie Night # 7

Ashley, Matt and Aaron randomly select from four possible bad movies, watch one, then talk about it for your listening pleasure (or sorrow, depending on how you look it). It's the latest edition of our Bad Movie Night series, brought to you on this holiday weekend.