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RETRO: Top Gun

With its sequel a smash hit at the box office this weekend, Ashley & Matt thought they would finally catch-up with the original Top Gun in this week's episode.

Downton Abbey: A New Era, Men

Rachel joins us again to talk about two new movies! First, we discuss the charming, cozy, ridiculous and kinda rushed-feeling Downton Abbey: A New Era . Then, we move on to stranger territory, with the very on-the-nose titled, Men . You can listen to the episodes below!

Golden Arm: Interview with Jenna Milly

Golden Arm  is a wonderfully hilarious movie about friendship, female arm wrestling, and so much more. It was released last year, and we saw it for the first time last month at the Roger Ebert Film Festival . It was our favorite movie of the festival, and we are happy that Jenna Milly, who co-wrote the film with Ann Marie Allison, took the time to join us on this episode to discuss how the movie was made.


Ashley, Matt and Larry review Firebird , a new movie based on a true story about forbidden love on a Soviet airbase in the 1970s. We have a lot to say about it in our latest episode.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Multiverses! Madness! Ashley & Matt review the latest MCU joint, where Sam Raimi directs  Doctor Strange . Listen to our thoughts on this wild ride in our new episode!

Bad Movie Night # 6

  It's the return of Bad Movie Night, and wow... do we have a bad one! Matt & Ashley talk about Evils of the Night , a mess of a movie from 1985. Listen, if you dare!