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Missing, Plane, Fear

We review three new movies this week! Ashley & Matt talk about the online mystery Missing , the action thriller Plane , and the horror movie Fear in our latest episodes. Give 'em a listen!

RETRO: Starman

Filmmaker John Carpenter turns 75 today, and we have a new episode to help celebrate! Ashley, Matt and Grant talk about Carpenter's sensitive 1984 sci-fi film, Starman , in our latest  episode.

Avatar: The Way of Water, M3GAN

Two new episodes this week! First up, we return to Pandora, as Matt & Ashley review Avatar: The Way of Water . Then, we talk about M3GAN , the dangerous and hilarious AI doll. Listen below...

Most Anticipated Films of 2023

Ashley, Matt and Ryan look ahead at the next 365 days, and the movies we're most looking forward to!