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Jungle Cruise, Summer of 85

Matt & Ashley review two new movies this week! First up, Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson go on a jungle cruise together, with action, humor and derring-do. Matt & Ashley review the new live-action movie based on the Disney theme park ride. Then... David saves Alex from a capsized boat, and the two develop an intense relationship  that unfolds in the summer of 1985. Ashley & Matt review this new French film. Listen to the discussions for Jungle Cruise , and Summer of 85 in our latest episodes.

Snake Eyes, Old

We've got a movie about an anti-hero ninja, and a film about people who go to a beach and rapidly age -- pick your poison. This week, Ashley & Matt review Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins , and Old . Both movies are new, and only in theaters for the time being. Are they worth a watch? Listen to our latest episodes and find out.

Luca, Fear Street: Part One - 1994

We're back with two new reviews this week! In our first episode, Ryan from Arnold at the Movies joins us to discuss the latest Pixar film, Luca . Then, Matt & Ashley review the first installment of the new Fear Street horror movie series, now available on Netflix.

Black Widow, F9: The Fast Saga

It's summer, so that means it's time for blockbusters. We review two new ones this week. First up, Ryan joins us to discuss F9, the latest entry in the Fast & Furious saga. Then, Garret is back with us to talk about first MCU movie in over a year - Black Widow . Fast cars and superheroes -- what more could you ask for?

Bad Movie Night # 3

In our third installment of Bad Movie Night, we end up showcasing a meandering '80s movie that's about... arm wrestling. Oh, and a heartwarming tale about a father and son trying to bond. Our friend Scott joins us to talk about Over the Top .