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Road House / Ricky Stanicky / Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire / Irish Wish

We hope you enjoy our bumper episode, where we review four new movies!

Snack Shack

Two best friends in 1991 Nebraska decide to run the local pool's snack shack during the summer, and much teenage angst and hijinks ensue. Ashley, Matt and Larry review the new movie Snack Shack , in our latest episode.

Criterion: The Friends of Eddie Coyle

Ashley, Matt and Grant discuss the gritty 1973 classic about a gunrunner (Robert Mitchum) who gets in over his head. You can listen to our episode for The Friends of Eddie Coyle by clicking the link below.

Dune: Part Two

We're back on Arrakis, as Paul Atreides works with the Freeman to liberate the planet, and avenge his family. Ryan , Matt and Ashley review the new movie Dune: Part Two in this week's episode. Click on the link to listen.