A Star Wars Retrospective

This week's podcast is one we're really excited about!

Garret, Matt & Ashley spend an hour looking back at all ten Star Wars films, and look ahead at what we want out of The Rise of Skywalker.

As it's just 58 minutes of us chatting, here are some index points, in case you'd like to hop around to hear our thoughts on just certain movies:

The Phantom Menace - 1:15
Attack of the Clones - 8:03
Revenge of the Sith - 11:30
Solo - 16:55
Rogue One - 20:35
A New Hope - 25:28
The Empire Strikes Back - 28:40
Return of the Jedi - 34:25
The Force Awakens - 40:40
The Last Jedi - 45:53
Speculations on The Rise of Skywalker - 51:54

Hope you enjoy!


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