Banana Split, The Banana Splits Movie, Five Feet Apart

Quarantine continues this week as we review three films that are all very, very mildly connected!

First up is a new release that's straight-to-streaming, Banana Split, about two teenage girls who bond during the summer before they go off to college. Oh, and one of them is dating the other's ex-boyfriend. Next, we talk about a horror movie that takes place on the set of a children's TV show, and it's called The Banana Splits Movie (see what we did there?). Finally, we review last year's Five Feet Apart, about teenagers on a ward for cystic fibrosis patients. Among its stars is Cole Sprouse, whose brother Dylan co-stars in Banana Split.

We hope everyone is staying healthy and well, is practicing social distancing, and is able to enjoy some movies at home, while we all get through this together (but apart).


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